Caring for Kids

A Program for Children and Youth
Caring For Kids offers children ages 6-17 emotional, social and physical alternatives to the fear and anxiety of living in a home interrupted by alcoholism or another substance use disorder.


The program taught me that my dad has a disease. I can still love him, I just don't have to like what he does, and it's not my fault.
Caring for Kids participant


For more information please contact:
First Call Family Services

 Please contact Megan Keller at 816-800-8047 for cost and registration information. 


The Caring for Kids program helps high risk children:

  • Understand that addiction is a disease and not their fault 

  • Understand how having an addicted parent affects them

  • Begin to lessen the confusion and guilt they experience

  • Learn to recognize, validate and express their feelings in a healthy way

  • Improve communication skills

  • Identify and develop a support network

  • Learn new coping skills

Who Are High Risk Children?

High risk is a term given to children who live or have lived with someone who is abusing alcohol or other drugs. 

High risk children are three to four times more likely to abuse alcohol or another drug than children from families without a history of addiction. Research  suggests there are genetic and environmental link which make these children vulnerable to addiction.

High risk children need:

  • Relief from guilt and shame 

  • Self-esteem

  • Validated feelings and acceptance 

  • Emotional support and coping skills

  • Structure and consistency 

  • A safety plan

**All clinical services are available on a sliding scale fee schedule determined in accordance with federal poverty guidelines. 
No one is refused services for lack of ability to pay.