Mobile CCL


Mobile CCL is a recovery and support tool to use on your path to healing.


to get help today!

Created to guide you through your recovery from addiction to alcohol or another drug, Mobile CCL empowers you whenever you are ready to reach out for support. The website is an online recovery partnership built between individuals seeking recovery from a substance use disorder and qualified substance abuse professionals in Kansas City.

Your personal information is safe on Mobile CCL. The details of your recovery process are also safe on Mobile CCL. With Mobile CCL you can take online screenings, contact partner agencies and create a client account with Mobile CCL.

Mobile CCL empowers you to take full ownership of your recovery – you decide how frequently you interact with your support team. You cater the schedule to your progress. When you decide to make the first step to your recovery, create your account and explore the resources available to you.


For more information please contact:

Emily Hage

Mobile CCL Project Manager