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Community Presentations 

First Call offers FREE community and corporate presentations for those in the Kansas City metro area. Presentations are taught by the clinical and prevention teams at First Call, and include topics on Substance Use Disorder, mental health, and current drug trends. Each presentation is approximately 60 minutes long. 

Presentations can also be customized for your company or agency. 

To schedule a presentation, call 816-361-5900. 


2021 Presentation Topics

Preparing Pre-Teens/Teens to Cope with Peer Pressure

Peer-pressure makes it difficult for youth to make healthy choices about alcohol and drug use. This presentation presents some research findings about the relationship between peer pressure and teen substance use and provides tips for helping youth develop strategies for dealing with peer pressure. 

Alcohol/Tobacco/Drug Prevention for Children of Any Age

Prevention education is most effective when started early in a child’s life. Prevention with young children includes developing skills such as critical thinking, healthy decision-making and strategies for responding to peer pressure.  This presentation reviews simple ways to begin this process with children from pre-school to teen years.


Women and Substance Use Disorders

This program addresses the complexities of recovery experienced by women including social factors, the impact of trauma, the biological progression to dependence, and co-occurring mental health disorders. The barriers to treatment for women, treatment options, and the intricacies of navigating and maintaining recovery will be explored.


How to Help Someone Who Is Misusing Drugs or Alcohol

This presentation provides effective techniques for communicating concerns about a friend or family member’s use of alcohol or other drugs and includes information about how to access resources for support.


When Substance Use Becomes Substance Misuse

What are the early warning signs that the use of alcohol and/or prescription medication may be becoming unhealthy?  The information in this presentation may be helpful to you or to a loved one.


Administration of NARCAN: The Life-Saving Rescue Drug

First Call facilitates this training through The Missouri Opioid-Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education (MO-HOPE) project. Funded by a SAMHSA Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose (PDO) grant, MO-HOPE represents a joint collaboration between the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Missouri Institute for Mental Health – University of Missouri St. Louis, and NCADA. The Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution training covers local overdose rates, an overview of Opioid Use Disorder, Naloxone education, opioid overdose, and reporting guidelines.


Current Drug Trends

It is especially important for parents of pre-teens and teens to stay in-the-know about current drug fads and trends.  This presentation includes current drug trends in the nation, as well as in our community specifically, warning signs of use, and what to do if you suspect use.


How to Talk to Your Child about Mental Health

Discover the early signs and symptoms of children with mental health problems, as well as how to approach a child who is displaying any of these characteristics. Participants are also given resources to help.


Substance Use and the Young Mind

An overview of substance use disorder that includes its progression over time, and how early substance use can impact adolescent brain development.

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