Help for Individuals Seeking Recovery

Are you looking for help
dealing with your alcohol or drug use? 

You are in the right place.  

At First Call, we know that addiction to drugs or alcohol is a chronic and progressive disease that is too often fatal. 

The good news is that help is available, treatment works, and life in recovery is a wonderful thing.

Crisis Call Hotline

The first call to make for individuals suffering from or impacted by a substance use disorder 
24 hours a day, seven days a week.


To schedule an appointment, call the hotline or go to

Did you know? 

In the greater Kansas City area, those in need of treatment for substance use disorders total 435,825. 

But only 8%

have access to treatment. 


First Call answers this need by providing prevention and recovery services to over 20,000 individuals each year.

First Call's Menu of Clinical Services

  • Assessment - Confidential one-on-one evaluation for adults and adolescents with a certified substance abuse professional and referral to appropriate care
  • Recovery Advocacy - With a comprehensive understanding of addiction, recovery and community resources, First Call's Recovery Advocates provide support and guidance for individuals at any stage of recovery from a substance use disorder
  • ME First/ME After/Sober ME - Using Motivational Enhancement (ME) Therapy , the ME programs offer structured group and one-on-one sessions for individuals seeking treatment for a substance use disorder who are incarcerated or are re-entering the community
  • Family Services - Trained facilitators use evidence-based curriculum to help adults and youth impacted by a loved one's substance use
  • Community CareLink (CCL) - Developed by First Call, CCL software is a complete electronic behavioral health record that allows providers to connect internally and externally to coordinate a comprehensive continuum of services in a secure environment
  • Mobil CCL - Using technology, individuals can take a larger stake in their recovery by accessing information and support using a mobil device or computer 

**All clinical services are available on a sliding scale fee schedule determined in accordance with federal poverty guidelines. No one is refused services for lack of ability to pay.