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Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you at the

2024 Community Gratitude Breakfast

First Call's Annual Community Gratitude Breakfast celebrates
those who work tirelessly to reduce the impact of alcohol, drugs,
and addiction by recognizing champions in the field.

Nominations for 2024 are OPEN

Congratulations to our 2023 Honorees!      

  • Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Sandy Clutter, Belton Cares 
    Given to a person who has dedicated their longstanding career to work in the substance use disorder treatment, recovery, or prevention fields.

  • Professional of the Year: Frederick Wilson, Imani House
    Given to a person committed to providing quality direct services in the substance use disorder treatment or prevention fields.

  • Recovery Champion: Francie Hall, Community Leader
    Given to a person who has reduced stigma and improved access to recovery through peer support, advocacy, or public policy change.

  • Young Leader: Tristan Kenworthy
    A youth or young adult advocate working to prevent substance use and reduce substance misuse in the community.

  • Philanthropist of the Year**: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
    Given to a funder whose consistent support has had a significant impact on First Call programs and operations.

  • Volunteer of the Year**:  Laura and Chris Vernaci 
    Given to an individual(s) whose generosity with resources and experience significantly impacts First Call programs and operations.  


Family members of First Call employees are not eligible for consideration.

**Please note: Philanthropist of the Year and Volunteer of the Year honorees are selected by an internal committee voting process at First Call. 

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