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For Families & Loved Ones 

How to Cope 

How to Cope is a seven-session course for adult family members and friends impacted by a loved one's substance use. How to Cope helps participants overcome the related physical, psychological, and social effects and build a healthy life for themselves. How to Cope is recognized by the National Association of State Alcohol/Drug Abuse directors as a research informed program proven to strengthen relationship skills and increase resiliency. LEARN MORE 

Pre-registration is required and you may choose to attend in-person or online (hybrid).


Extended support sessions and alumni group are available

to participants who complete the program.



How to Cope


Facilitated by Bethany DePugh, CPS CADC – Family Services Counselor

What is How to Cope? Share this link with your loved one.

These class groups are offered FREE and are hybrid-style meetings. The list will be updated as more sessions are added. Please find the registration form below the class list.  (you may choose to attend in person or virtually)

Morning Classes

Tuesday & Thursday 10a-12pm

September 26, 28, October 3, 5, 10, 12

Evening Class 

Monday 6-8pm

November 6, 13, 20, 27, December 4, 11, 18

Please Note: *Private Groups (minimum of 4). All inquiries regarding How to Cope registrations by phone should be directed to Bethany DePugh, Family Services Counselor, 816-800-8057.
How to Register


To begin registration for the How to Cope course offered by First Call (day and evening classes), please use the registration form below or contact Bethany DePugh, Family Services Counselor, 816-800-8057.


How to Cope is provided FREE OF CHARGE. 

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How to Cope Registration
Caring for Kids

Caring for Kids & How to Care

Caring for Kids is a seven-session, age-appropriate course for children and youth impacted by a loved one’s substance misuse or substance use disorder. 


Children growing up in alcohol or drug-affected homes have a high risk of developing a substance use disorder themselves. The Caring for Kids program helps participants regain a healthy, productive lifestyle by focusing on education, resilience, and safety.

How to Care is a four-hour, curriculum-based educational program that teaches adult caregivers (teachers, foster parents, extended family members, etc.) to better understand the dynamics of a family system impacted by substance use disorder, the lasting effects of this experience on children’s physical and emotional development, and the best approach to help them achieve their full potential. How to Care can be offered on-site, or as a web-based training for organizations. 

To register for Caring for Kids or How to Care, visit our Youth Services page. The cost of attendance is FREE.


All First Call services are available FREE or on a sliding scale fee schedule determined in accordance with federal poverty guidelines. No one is refused services for lack of ability to pay. 

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