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Founded in 1958

First Call, formerly called the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, was founded in 1958 to serve the Kansas City metropolitan area.

First Call 

First Call provides clinical, educational, and prevention services to individuals and families in Greater Kansas City impacted by substance use disorders. Our prevention and recovery services impact over 60,000 individuals each year in the Kansas City area.

First Call has an extensive written materials library on substance use disorders and recovery in the metro area, the Speas Resource Library. Materials are available to the public on request.  

Stop th Shame
Governing Boad
Our Team

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Governing Board 

Board Member
George Lopez, Chair
Nicole Esquibel, Vice Chair
Eric Burtin, Secretary
Trisha Hokanson, Treasurer 
Rachel Arnett
DJ Piere
Sergeant Garron Carter
Karen Gerson
Patrick James Martin
Laura Mussulman 
Dee Pack 
Richard D. Rhyne
Professional Affiliation 
Paramount Bank
Avila University
Burtin & Associates, Inc.
J.E. Dunn Construction Group
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
Shaffer Lombardo Shurin

Kansas City Missouri Police Department
Community Volunteer
Cornerstone Companies
The University of Kansas Medical Center
Cargo Largo
Lathrop GPM LLP

Our Team Directory

26 - GSW_7761_JPG.jpg
Emily Hage
President & CEO | 816.800.8052

Vanessa Headshot.jpeg
Vanessa Herring
Chief Development Officer | 816.800.8045

04 - GSW_7826_JPG.jpg
Ryan Toothaker 
Chief Financial Officer | 816.800.8053

First Call Staff Directory
Printable, searchable by first name:

First Call Staff Directory

Annual Report

2021 Annual Report & Accomplishments

Click HERE to view First Call's most recent IRS Form 990. 
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