Founded in 1958

First Call, formerly called the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, was founded in 1958 to serve the Kansas City metropolitan area.

First Call 

First Call provides clinical, educational and prevention services to individuals and families in Greater Kansas City impacted by substance use disorders. Our prevention and recovery services impact over 60,000 individuals each year in the Kansas City area.

First Call has the largest video and written materials library on substance use disorders and recovery in the metro area, the Speas Resource Library. Materials are available to the public on request.  


To learn more visit stoptheshame.info

Governing Board 

Board Member                                    Professional Affiliation 
Richard D. Rhyne, Chair                      Lathrop GPM LLP
George Lopez, Vice Chair                  Celink
Nicole Esquibel, Secretary                 Avila University
Trisha Hokanson, Treasurer                J.E. Dunn Construction Group 
Rev. Darren Faulkner                           Kansas City No Violence Alliance
Karen Gerson                                      Community Volunteer
Kurt Hadermann                                  BlueScope Buildings
Jeffrey Kuntz                                        Wagstaff & Cartmell LLP
Patrick James Martin                          Cornerstone Companies
Laura Mussulman                                The University of Kansas Medical Center
Dee Pack                                              Cargo Largo
DJ Pierre                                              Spencer Fane LLP 
Kirby Randolph                                    Kansas City University of Medicine of Biosciences
Chris Rosburg                                      Grapevine Designs
Dr. Courtnay Scarborough                 Anesthesia Associates of Kansas City 

Our Team 

08 - GSW_7809_JPG.jpg
Susan Whitmore
President & CEO

whitmore@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8045

Emily Hage
Vice President of Development

emilyh@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8052

04 - GSW_7826_JPG.jpg
Ryan Toothaker 

ryant@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8053

16 - GSW_7782_JPG.jpg
Keith Faison, CCJC, CRADC, LAC
Corrections Services Team Lead
keith@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8056
12 - GSW_7799_JPG.jpg
Megan Fowler, LCSW
Director of Clinical Services

mfowler@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8061

32 - GSW_7740_JPG.jpg
Sarah Emanuels
Family Services Counselor

semanuels@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8081

38 - GSW_7728_JPG.jpg
Deborah Lee
Crisis Call Coordinator
deborahl@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8040
Irwin Color.jpg
Michelle Irwin, CRPS
Community Outreach Specialist

michellei@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8046

18 - GSW_7770_JPG.jpg
Kelli Jo Parr
Reentry Program Coordinator

kparr@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8065

06 - GSW_7818_JPG.jpg
Recovery Advocate

bbuell@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8051

20 - GSW_7769_JPG.jpg
Megan Keller, MS, MAADC II
Family Services Team Lead

megank@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8047

36 - GSW_7735_JPG.jpg
Margaux Guignon, CRPS, MRSS
Director of Prevention Services

mguignon@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8058

24 - GSW_7830_JPG.jpg
Marchel Alverson
Marketing & Communications Manager

malverson@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8060

46 - GSW_7713_JPG.jpg
Melissa Gard
Director of Operations & 

mgard@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8041

28 - GSW_7749_JPG.jpg
Bethany DePugh, CPS
Recovery Advocate

bdepugh@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8057

10 - GSW_7805_JPG.jpg
Andrew Dixon
Recovery Advocate

adixon@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8050

40 - GSW_7727_JPG.jpg
Rita Mwongong
Recovery Advocate

rmwongong@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8067

Ann Kirchhoff
Crisis Call Counselor

akirchhoff@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8066

44 - GSW_7715_JPG.jpg
Shannon Anderson
Community Prevention Specialist

sanderson@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8055

42 - GSW_7721_JPG.jpg
Kris Rochelle
Recovery Advocate
krochelle@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8083
48 - GSW_7709_JPG.jpg
Rusty Menaugh
Community Prevention Specialist

rmenaugh@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8064

34 - GSW_7736_JPG.jpg
Nhi Tuggle, LMSW
Family Services Counselor

ntuggle@firstcallkc.org | 816.800.8044

02 - GSW_7838_JPG.jpg
LaTanya Dumas, 
Re-entry Counselor


2019 Annual Report & Accomplishments

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Click HERE to view First Call's most recent IRS Form 990. 
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Missouri  816.361.5900 | Kansas 913.223.0747 |  9091 State Line Road | Kansas City, MO 64114


First Call is a federally recognized tax-exempt agency. All contributions are tax deductible under IRS code 501 (c)(3). 

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